Veronica White

THANK YOU STAN & JAYME Wow, what a journey! It started about a year & a half ago...just thinking about buying a house. And then the past couple of months-intense! Thank you so much for the countless hours of looking at houses both online and in person. Thank you for going through the process of getting my heart ready, for dreaming, for risking. Thank you for helping me take very scary first steps. Thanks for countless phone calls. questions, and counsel. I'm so thankful that Jesus is our firm foundation. I do so much appreciate you both-Blessings to you!

Sharin & Eric

At the end of my first year of graduate school my fianc¿, tired of paying rent, suggested that we buy a house. I felt panic immediately running through my veins, then a swarm of doubts stinging my brain, ¿realtors are vultures!¿ I cannot possibly deal with the stress a realtor, AND focus on school at the same time; it simply will not happen! I told him ¿yes,¿ despite my concerns. We were referred to Jayme and Stan for a number of good reasons. Despite this information I was still nervous on the way to their office. But as soon as we were introduced I realized they were not going to force us into a house just to make a sale. They sincerely wanted to help us find a home. As we discussed our plans my fears and doubts trickled away. The process of buying a house does not have to be difficult, and the patience and understanding that Jayme and Stan possess is remarkable. Their motto, "May the most you hope for be the least you receive," describes them perfectly. Jayme and Stan helped us find the perfect house. One month after moving in we were married in the comfort and beauty of our backyard. We love it here. This is our home. Jayme & Stan, thank you. --Sharin & Eric

The Simpsons

I just love my new home. Jayme walked me through the whole process of buying my first house. Her help and advise were comforting. Whenever I had a question, Jayme was always available to provide the answer. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home. Robbie [email protected] [email protected]

Kedong and Yidi Liu

We contacted Jayme right after the Holidays and asked her to do a tough job. We needed a quick sell on our house because Yidi was taking a new position in Dallas and I was leaving for China in about 30 days. Jayme went right to work pricing our home and marketing it. We sold it and made it to Dallas to buy our new home, start a new job and I went to China on time. Jayme worked hard on all the details such as finding someone to repair the kitchen sink and a new roof due to hail damage. We left three weeks after listing the house and left it all up to Jayme. Thanks Jayme for taking such good care of us and our home.

Bob and Barbara

I contacted Jayme after bing frustrated with other realtors. I had called several realtors in the Norman area because we planned to move there in a couple of months. Jayme is the only realtor that called me back in a timely fashion. In about 6 weeks we came to Norman and began our search. Jayme had kept in touch and listened to what we wanted. We found our new home on the first day we went looking. Thanks Jayme for caring about us.

Morris and Dana Collie

Jayme was so helpful with the sale of our home. We had tried to sell it our selves with no success. She contacted us and was very professional in her approach. We allowed her to market our home and within days had a qualified buyer. It closed without a hitch and we were able to move to our new City on time. Jayme was prepared for everything,professional and pleasant from start to finish.

Steve and Hilary Grantham

We asked Jayme to help us find a home. It was our first time to buy and we felt a bit nervous about the transaction. Jayme suggested we get pre-approved before we shop. We did, with Jayme's help. We began looking and right away found our dream home. Step by step Jayme walked us through the process explaining everything. This helped us feel good about the large sum of money we were spending. From the search to the closing Jayme was there for us. Thanks Jayme - I'm not sure we could have done it without you!

Jodi Marti

I chose to work with Jayme and Stan because I trust them. I would not have changed anything about how they handled my purchase. I will always remember how nice and helpful everyone was throughout the transaction. Maria was great, too! You All Rock! Thank You!

Donna & Jake Knol

The McLaughlin Team far exceeded our expectations.  They kept us informed of the progress on our sale.  We'll never forget how smooth and quickly our home sold.  Thank you for the "throw." It's beautiful and has found it's way in our new living room.  Also, we appreciate your friendship.  We heard (from Mark) about your new baby.  Very Thankful.

Jerry & Lynda Bennett

We liked your professionalism, warmth, and friendliness.  We had a lot of showings, with advance notice so we could get the house "show-ready" and leave with our animals.  At the time, I questioned why we should remove most of our personal items and color. Now that we are shopping for a home, I am more attracted to an empty, clean house, than one with "stuff" in it.  Everything seemed to fall into place: the house was sold within the time-frame we had hoped for, and we managed to get a new roof on, at no cost to us or the buyer, because the insurance company was willing to work with us.

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